Medicaid Pooled Asset Trust

Medicaid Pooled Asset Trust

Medicaid allows an applicant to keep resources up to $14,850. If you receive a lawsuit settlement, inheritance or any other lump sum of money, you can protect these assets from Medicaid by placing the funds into a LIFE Medicaid pooled asset trust.

Once deposited into the trust, you can use the funds to pay your own bills; Pay your rent, mortgage, taxes, utility bills, even credit card bills using the funds you deposit into the trust.

It’s that simple. The LIFE Trust allows you to remain eligible for Medicaid and use your money to pay your bills. Call the LIFE Trust today to find out more.

You can download our Medicaid Pooled Asset Trust agreement here.

For help with the application or any questions about LIFE’s trusts, please call us at 516-374-4564 extension 3. The application should be sent to:
LIFE, Inc., Pooled Trust Department
112 Spruce Street – Suite 5
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

LIFE is proud to announce that we now offer clients of our pooled asset trust the opportunity to invest their funds with Signature Securities Group (SSG), through National Financial Services LLC (“NFS”), a Fidelity Investments® company. Signature will offer clients investment options ranging from conservative through moderate. Signature Bank will conduct a risk tolerance assessment for each client and make recommendations based on the information gathered.

Clients may, of course, elect to keep their funds in a regular checking account.

Please contact us for more information.