Danielle, thanks to you and your colleagues for helping me to manage my funds with the pooled trust.

Cheryl. S

LIFE is the best! Everyone at LIFE treated me very nicely, and I never had a bad experience or felt mistreated in any way! All of you are the best!

G. Conte

Your company does a really good thing. LIFE is always professional, and you always help me when I have questions.


Thank you for all your help, and please send a big thank you to William for me too! You all have been so patient and very gracious.


Thank you for your assistance; you were very helpful! He is happy with LIFE, and having a pooled trust is a no-brainer!


Dani was very informative and helpful! I love LIFE; you guys are great. I appreciate your team at LIFE is straightforward and clear!

Frances V

My husband absolutely loves the app and said it is so easy to use! I also manage trust accounts for my parents and in-laws, and they both feel that you are fantastic, very helpful, and always on top of your game. We are extremely pleased with LIFE and recommend LIFE to anyone looking for a Trust Company!

Martin. R

I was working on setting up a Trust for my mom, and needless to say, I was a little nervous about the process. Danielle was super helpful! She was so patient and knowledgeable and assisted me in getting set up. She answered all my questions and was really supportive. I can’t recommend her enough. Danielle is a fantastic asset to your company. In addition, I worked with two people, and they also were just as amazing and very supportive. LIFE is a good company, and I highly recommend you to check them out.


It was a pleasure speaking to Danielle, she was very informative, and I learned a lot just talking with her. If I need any help, I know she and her team will help me!

Linda S

LIFE has been wonderful, and I will recommend you to everyone. It’s been a pleasure dealing with LIFE, and I can’t say that for any other company!

Dante. P

Danielle is patient, kind, confident, and intelligent. I really appreciate her efforts.


I always highly recommend LIFE, Inc. to my friends who have elderly relatives, as we really had a very pleasant experience with LIFE for almost four years.
LIFE was a big part of what enabled John to stay in his home, so thank you again for all your help.

Monica. T

Alexandra is a very kind woman. I love this company, and every time you call, you’re on top of things; it makes my life so much easier. They’re people here that are so thankful for you. You’re wonderful, and there is never any attitude from you or anyone else in the company. There is not a person that is not nice there.

Susan E

Thank you for advising me. Please continue to advise me with client relation phone calls like Alexandra’s. Her customer service was exemplary. Thank you. Her call saved me enormous fees.

Jeenarine H

Going with LIFE is the best decision I have ever made, and I share my experiences and recommend LIFE to others.


I appreciate all the work that LIFE does! You guys are always on top of it! I have been dealing with LIFE for a few years now and LIFE seems to be getting better and better. Now, LIFE has an APP that makes things easier.

Richard K

Danielle is an absolute professional in her field; she treats you like an actual human being or more like family. Her service is stellar, and she helped me through my Medicaid Process. I highly recommend her when you need assistance.


Danielle was so kind and patient. Come to think of it, I don’t think there was a time that we have contacted LIFE that they have not been responsive and helpful.


I appreciate that everyone at LIFE is so well informed and has given me consistent, correct, and clear information every time I call, and that is rare for companies nowadays. I highly recommend LIFE!


It was really nice dealing with LIFE; you all were very helpful during these rough times, so thank you!


Everyone at Life has been very helpful and easy to work with whenever I call! When I started with this, I thought it would be a huge process and a headache, but it has not. Thank you, Life, for making this so easy.


Thank you for taking the time to explain and answer all my questions today, since we have been with LIFE everything has been going smoothly!


Everyone at LIFE has been extremely nice and pleasant to work with. Thank you!

Beth Anne MacSaveny

Your company was kind, compassionate, and wonderful these past few years. You were truly wonderful and partners in helping take care of my mother, so thank you for everything!

Elyse. M

Thank you so much! I don’t know how LIFE does it, and you are so helpful and fabulous! This is one call that I do not mind making in this stressful situation, as my mom will be 100 years old! From start to finish, it’s been wonderful! Everyone that I have dealt with has been so lovely and fabulous! It’s almost as if you know in your heart and mind that the clients are dealing with difficult situations. Either you have great managers, or LIFE has employed really lovely people; you all are GREAT!


I find the app helpful and prefer to use the app to submit bills.


Deborah did a great job explaining everything; I had everything crystal clear. Thank you!


When I do use the new App, it’s great! It makes things much easier!


Everybody I worked with throughout the year at LIFE was super helpful, and I really appreciate that. Thank you!


Everyone at LIFE was so helpful- Janet was wonderful with setting this Trust up, Deborah and Danielle were wonderful as they went through all the policies and procedures. I thank you very much!


Since the time we have been with LIFE and calling in with questions for my brother, you all have helped me. This information has sometimes been overwhelming, and all of the counselors at LIFE have been very knowledgeable and kind. Thank you!


I was very satisfied with Amourelle’s help, patience, and kindness. She is an asset to LIFE Trusts.

Mike M

Our family has appreciated the support that the Life Team provided to our Mom.
We had one major change in the past few months. The Life team was very considerate and flexible during the transition and it helped a lot.
The automated initial response to emails we sent to LIFE was helpful, and the team would typically respond within 1 business day; the always-efficient and friendly customer responses were always appreciated.
Thank you again for the great support and consideration that your team provided to our family. We appreciate your help and would recommend your service and support team to anyone.


Thank you and everyone at LIFE! You’ve all been great with me sending in the bills and taking care of everything throughout the years. Whenever I had calls or any questions, you all were so nice and provided the answers I needed. You all are a great team!

Lisa. C

I was very satisfied with Danielle’s kindness, knowledge and helpfulness.

Rose. S

I was thrilled to speak with Danielle! She spoke to me very respectfully and clearly. Thank you for the excellent service.


I spoke to William and he was really fabulous and helpful.

Mary M

Alexandra was very good, patient, professional, and nice.


I am coming from my heart when I say I truly enjoyed working with LIFE Trusts. It was very easy and in terms of the philosophy of the trust, it’s a very positive thing. The whole idea of this trust is amazing and helping people in this way is really wonderful! Thank you for everything. LIFE was very good.

William John McGill

Thank you for everything and LIFE has been very good.


Thank you to you and everyone at Life for everything that we do. You folks at LIFE have been so kind and caring and more than that so competent in all that you do. You all are wonderful in all that you do and thank you so much!

Christine MacSaveny

Melissa is the epitome of kindness and caring.

Rose Ensmenger

Thank you, Danielle, and the other staff that I have interacted with throughout the time we were with LIFE! It was a pleasure and everyone was very helpful.

Mohamed Khoder

I felt the need to commend Deborah for stellar support and client services she provided during this very difficult time.
Deborah has been proactive in providing concise and accurate information to make this a more seamless transition for my mother. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to accomplish this enrollment without Deborah’s assistance and calm demeanor. She is priceless.

Rebecca Q

I only have wonderful things to say about your trust. I would highly recommend your company.
Thank you from the entire family.


I spoke with Janea earlier today, and she was great. I spoke with Debra during the initial welcome call back in April, and she was wonderful too.
However, I think I have either spoken to or corresponded by email to just about every one of your reps, and each one was great to work with. I can’t think of one complaint.

Cecelia Bianco

Janet is such a sweetheart and so very caring and made this process easier.

Donald Pepe

Ever since I started using LIFE, I have not had any problems with my cable TV! I am so happy with the trust and this company! Thank you!

P. Cohen

Your company is so reliable and the people I speak to and help me are unbelievable.


People at LIFE are always very nice and thorough at answering my mom’s questions and I thank you so very much.

Debra Smith

Thank you all for your hard work, patience, and competent employees.Life Trust has a great team of people who work together efficiently and effectively.

Kevin Burke

There is a young lady who works for your organization and her name is Deborah. I would like you to thank her for all her help that she rendered to me when setting the LIFE trust.

Ann Doyle, Paralegal

Brian, I can’t express how grateful I am that your willingness to go above and beyond in trying to resolve issues. Your family should be proud.

Bronwyn Volpe

The best thing I ever did was to join Labor and Industry for Education! Danielle always helps me and everyone at LIFE is so good to me. Thank you!

Christian Cotto

Since day one when I dealt with Deborah and every one since then, every time I have spoken to someone here at LIFE, I am always helped with patience, kindness, and understanding. You guys are great!

Laura A.

Amourelle was patient, kind, and considerate. She made sure that I understood everything.

Kevin Burke

Deborah was extremely helpful every time I spoke to her. She helped me so I can balance the trust account as she guided me to what is allowable and proper.

Mary Chepak LCSW PHD

Thank you so much you were so helpful, that’s why I like using LIFE trusts. I’m a social worker and I do a lot of these (trusts) every year but everyone that I do I send to you (LIFE) because I met with Brian and he convinced me you guys were great and you are as great as he said you were. I’ve never had a problem you’re so easy to work with.

Ann B. Mays

I appreciate your kindness and patience as it is a lot of work to be done by helping people get their lives together financially.

Charisse Johnson

LIFE Trusts has been tremendously accommodating. My aunt was the first experience I had with LIFE and I decided to use them for my father as well. I will continue to use LIFE.

Ludmila Laskowska

Janet is an awesome person, very professional, very wonderful.
Janet is an angel.


Janet was really awesome, took extra time, and is what a sales representative is supposed to be, she went above and beyond.

Christopher Stekas

You guys at Trust have been EXCELLENT and have not dropped the ball! In these trying times, you’ve made my life easier. 5 stars all around! Thank you!


These have been trying times and we all feel it, it’s nice to know that when I speak to you people at LIFE that you are kind and helpful. You all are accommodating and from someone like me, I really do appreciate it! Thank you and I am so appreciative to you and all of LIFE!


Everyone at LIFE has been very helpful, and this has been a very easy and we have provided excellent service so far.

Diane Sorvillo

During this difficult process, everyone at LIFE has been pleasant and helpful making it the process easier to understand and it’s been great! You’ve all been very reassuring and easy to work with! Thank you!

Anthony Cunnane

Things are so difficult for me with my mom in NY and me living in Florida, but when I call LIFE it makes things a little easier. You are all so helpful, do such a good job and provide beautiful service!


You have been very helpful addressing all of my questions and concerns. Thank you!

Lavon Dennard

This company is on their game and awesome. We need more people like them. I was nervous starting this trust account but LIFE made me feel calm and safe. Thank you!


I love my trust!


I’m not great with the computer and you have been amazing helping me with everything.

Deborah Giardino

From the first time I spoke with LIFE I felt confident that this was the right trust company for me. As time went on, all of my questions were answered clearly and concisely. I never felt rushed or worried because I knew everything was being taken care of. Thank you LIFE!

Diana Schlanger

Thank you for your service. You were so helpful every time I called and had a question during this hard time of my mother’s illness. If my mother were here she would be glad I am thanking you.

Laureen Samuel

I am very happy with the efficiency in how you took care of me. It’s a great pleasure. Thanks.

Michelle Mohammed

I found LIFE Trusts and could’t be more pleased. Everyone has been extremely friendly and informative. I’m pleased with becoming a client, the staff is prompt and efficient. I would definitely recommend LIFE Trusts.

James Rapp

Everyone I have come in contact with has been extremely helpful.

Tatyana Tsatsina

I have just started working with LIFE Trusts. The staff has been very helpful and have answered all my questions. Looking forward to working with them in the future.

Karen Farnum Williams

You all have been most gracious in taking care of our mom’s financial responsibilities and my dad’s concerns. My dad particularly speaks highly of your diligence with assisting him.

Frank P.

So very appreciative of the timely and dedicated response of setting up the trust.

Theresa N.

Everyone here is so nice and helpful.

Deena Turk

Thank you, I appreciate the help. It’s always easy to deal with you guys.

Susanna Ander

Thank you, you all have been very helpful and having a pooled trust has been very helpful as well.

John B.

You guys are great!

Bernice W.

Thank you for all you do.

Rick Freyer

We appreciate all of LIFE’s help. LIFE’s Pooled Trust Department has been great to deal with over the years. Thank you.


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