For Medicaid Specialists & Attorneys

The LIFE’s Pooled Trusts are the best way to keep your clients eligible for Medicaid.

A pooled income trust is the best and most efficient way to keep your clients with a monthly surplus qualified for Medicaid, without affecting eligibility for SSI, food stamps, Section 8 or other governmental benefits. Depositing the surplus amount into the trust each month ensures that your clients will be automatically eligible for Medicaid. An income trust shelters your client’s assets and allows them to retain Medicaid eligibility.

Being part of LIFE’s trust allows the beneficiary an extensive list of payable expenses, with the funds being used for your client’s “care, comfort, well-being and training”.

Your clients can live at home, not in a home. Joining LIFE’s Pooled Income Trust allows your clients to experience a higher quality of life – allowing people with disabilities to maintain greater independence. The beneficiary can instruct LIFE’s trust to make monthly payments on their behalf, covering a wide-ranging list of expenses, including but not limited to: rent or mortgage, utilities, cable, cell phone, groceries, real estate taxes and certain medical expenses.

We pride ourselves on providing superior-quality customer service and speedy responses to all of our clients’ requests. LIFE’s services include:

  •  LIFE will process new trusts, and return them fully executed, within 48 hours.
  • LIFE will issue all supportive documentation, including Letters of Acceptance and Verifications of Deposit, within 24-48 hours of request.
  • Every client and attorney will have a primary point of contact familiar with their specific case.
  • All calls are returned on the same business day.
  • LIFE will promptly pay bills within two business days from request.
  • LIFE can set up recurring monthly payment requests for expenses that are the same amount every month, so a client would not have to repeatedly submit a request.
  • LIFE does not require a security deposit or escrow funds to be kept in the trust.

LIFE will promptly reach out to all new clients and potential clients to educate them about our services, ensuring a smooth transition into the trust. Our counselors are also available to speak to clients, along with referring attorneys, during Medicaid sign up process.

LIFE is a full-service social services agency that has been providing a range of programs for over 30 years. Our trust is staffed by a team of attorneys and trust specialists who are available to answer questions from attorneys and clients anytime.

LIFE’s fiscal department is subject to a yearly audit by a certified public accountant. We follow the strictest financial guidelines.


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