Avoiding the Nursing Home

How a Pooled Trust Can Help You Retain Your Independence and Stay in Your Home.

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Attention Medicaid recipients

New York State has confirmed that the stimulus checks received under the CARES Act and the additional $600 Pandemic Unemployment checks are NOT counted as income in the month received and will be excluded from being counted as a resource (if retained) for 12 months. That means there is no need to deposit these checks into your pooled trust!

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HRA Releases Medicaid Alert Regarding Power of Attorney and Statutory Gifts Rider

HRA released a Medicaid Alert yesterday regarding Powers of Attorney and the Statutory Gifts Rider. When a client appoints an agent to sign a Trust Joinder Agreement, any Power of Attorney document signed in New York State after September 1, 2009 must fully comply with General Obligations Law §5-1501B.

Medicaid Home Care and Income – Why Your Income Level Will Not Prohibit You From Receiving Help!

The New York State Medicaid program is a “means based program”, meaning in order to be eligible for coverage, you must financially qualify for services.  There are many misnomers and misconceptions regarding financial qualification for the Medicaid program, including income limitations.  Many people who could benefit from Medicaid assistance assume that they are ineligible due to their income levels.  This is simply not the case.

New York State Special Needs Trust Coalition is Proud to Announce Center for Disability Rights has Joined the Coalition as a Founding Member

We are proud to have CDR on board as a partner in the Coalition!

LIFE, Inc. Supports Important Pooled Trust Legislation

Currently Medicaid is not required to inform applicants of the availability of pooled trusts as an option for dealing with excess income. Many people are simply not able to afford to pay their excess income to Medicaid, or do not have monthly medical bills totaling the amount of the overage. This legislation would mandate that Medicaid provides applicants and current recipients with information regarding eligibility for a pooled trust.

Profile: Dr. Sara Malagold, Neuropsychologist

 Dr. Sara Malagold is a bilingual Neuropsychologist (English-Spanish), and she also speaks Hebrew and some French. She is licensed to practice in New York, Florida and abroad. Dr. Malagold is the Founder and Director of Complete Neuropsychology, P.C., a clinic based in Cedarhurst, New York, that treats children, adults and seniors with emotional, behavioral and cognitive functioning issues. Dr. Malagold can also arrange home visits to accommodate elderly or homebound patients.

Medicaid Eligibility Planning and Pooled Trusts

The event will be held on January 4, 2017. Click here for more information.

Coalition of New York State Special Needs Pooled Trusts

The purpose of this Concept Paper is to create basic guidelines and the general structure for a Coalition of Special Needs Pooled Trust (“SNT”) administrators in New York State.

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LIFE, Inc. Pooled Trust Services attends Town of Hempstead Senior Health & Wellness Fair 2016 in Lido Beach, NY


LIFE, Inc. Pooled Trust Services attends ACUU 2016 (Aging Concerns Unite Us)


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Confined to Nursing Homes, but Longing (and Ready) for Home

Some states are falling short in increasing the share of Medicaid dollars spent on providing support that would allow disabled people to live at home.

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The Difficult, Delicate Untangling of Our Parents’ Financial Lives

When my in-laws became too incapacitated to handle their own affairs, my wife and I took over. A year and a half later, we’re still trying to figure it all out.

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Baby Boomers Hugely Underestimate What They Need for Retirement

When it comes to saving for retirement, there’s a huge gap between what Americans say they want and what they’re doing to make it happen.

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Assembly Legislation Helps Parent Caregivers

Parent caregivers of children with disabilities can now be paid directly from Medicaid through expansion of the CDPAP program.

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Some Older Patients Are Treated Not Wisely, but Too Much

Evidence is accumulating that older adults with diabetes, hypertension and other conditions should be treated less aggressively than they commonly are.

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Family caregivers may be sacrificing their own health to help loved ones

Many family caregivers in the U.S. provide unpaid medical aid and other services to loved ones at the expense of their own financial, physical and mental health, a study suggests.

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Who Needs a Daily Money Manager and Why?

  1. Explain to me what a daily money manager does.

Daily Money Managers (DMM) help people organize their financial lives. Specifically, DMMs provide personal business assistance to clients who have difficulty in managing their personal monetary affairs. The services meet a continuum of needs, from organizing and keeping track of financial and medical insurance papers, to assisting with check writing and maintaining bank accounts.

  1. What type of client could use your services?

Many seniors work with NYFO services because a physical change precipitated by the aging process, such as limited vision, arthritis or other conditions, has limited their ability to follow through on tasks. Other clients are so active during their retirement that social activities and travel make it difficult to keep up with their financial matters. NYFO simplifies life by handling day-to-day financial tasks.

Adult children of seniors often seek our assistance. These clients may find themselves overwhelmed by the time required to manage their parents’ affairs. They turn to NYFO when they want outside help in paying their parents’ bills, managing a Pooled Income Trust, collecting tax data and other bookkeeping issues…

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Avoiding the Nursing Home

How a Pooled Trust can help you retain your independence and stay in your home.

Jennifer Katz, Esq., a LIFE Trust attorney, wrote the following article for Well Beyond 55 Magazine. Well Beyond 55 provides the most current education, tools and professional strategies to support individual planning to ensure living well beyond 55. It is designed to bring you valuable resources that will empower you to navigate your physical health, financial wealth, and ongoing prosperity. Visit for more information.

Growing older while endeavoring to stay well and live independently Familyis a journey we will all face. As access to resources for seniors continues to improve, it is becoming increasingly easier for seniors to gracefully maneuver the hardships of aging. However, despite the technological and medical advances being made, the availability of high-quality and affordable home-based care remains problematic for seniors. People crave independence and do not want to be confined to nursing homes. The perfect solution for these people might be Community Medicaid.

Community Medicaid refers to services delivered “in the community,” in a home-based setting or an assisted living facility. Some of the benefits offered by Community Medicaid include a home health aide, who can come to your home and provide services ranging from housekeeping and companionship, to skilled nursing services provided by a Registered Nurse. You may also qualify to receive no-cost or low-cost medical supplies, transportation to doctor’s appointments, and even meal services…

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As Lives Lengthen, Costs Mount

Some elderly New Yorkers receive too much income to be eligible for assistance, but not enough to pay for the services they need – The New York Times

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This is an article about seniors in NYC struggling to survive on a fixed income. All of them could be financially eligible to receive free home-based Medicaid services, including a home health aide, by sheltering their income in a LIFE Medicaid pooled income trust.


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